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Buying? Save Big, with Rebates of up to 50% on Commissions*
Selling? Save Big, with Listing Commissions as Low as 1%!*


 If Good Drivers Get Discounts on Car Insurance,
Why Shouldn't Good Home Buyers & Sellers
Get Rebates & Discounts When They Buy or Sell Houses?


In the insurance industry, the logic behind discounts for Good Drivers is universally accepted: Customers whose profiles indicate that the company is likely to realize some savings are entitled to some reward or rebate, in recognition of their benefits to the company's bottom line.


In the real estate industry, good customers receive no material reward for their benefits to the company's bottom line. Until now. Pacific Century Realty recognizes good customers, with generous rebates and discounts. Listing commissions as low as 1%, for Good Sellers.* Rebates of up to 50% on commission earnings, for Good Buyers.* What makes for a good real estate client? We've defined ten key criteria. Three examples:
  • Internet/email literacy, because that saves us time and money
  • No history of real estate lawsuits (for obvious reasons)
  • Previous experience, buying or selling real estate
The more conditions you meet, the greater your discount or rebate. Are you a Good Buyer or Good Seller? Call or email us today, to determine whether you qualify to save thousands of dollars on your next real estate transaction. 


Call toll-free: 1-888-4PC-RLTY (1-888-472-7589)
or email us, at: info@pacific-century.com


 Save thousands when you buy or sell,
with quality service ... at a discount!


*Terms and conditions apply. As a general rule:
Buyer "rebates" only apply to properties with a purchase price of $1M or more.
Listing commissions depend on a variety of factors. Please inquire for details.
Subject to change or cancellation without further notice.

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